Eliminate the tradeoff between developer productivity and security

A new era of secure-by-default, seamless development workflows, balancing speed and security. Built for engineering reality!

Today’s cloud-native engineering teams are facing an approaching DevOps security crisis. The growing number of cloud services and tools spread across many newly-remote and distributed teams has increased the risk surface area and is stretching even the experienced security-conscious teams.

Onboardbase was founded in the United States to enable working with environment configs across your team and servers to be more effortless, secure, and seamless.

App secret Infrastructure have been sleepy during the last decade; in contrast, the server-space, CI/CD workflows, and infrastructure tools have evolved. Modern secret management needs to become faster, secure, easy to use, scalable, integrated, and reliable. That's what we are working on every day.

We believe in a future where products are built and shipped more reliably from dev to production. Our vision is to eliminate the tradeoff between developer productivity and security. A platform with a world-class developer experience that not only increases security but also boosts productivity.

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