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Create Your Django Project The Right Way

Create Your Django Project The Right Way

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Written by Ola
Sunday, March 20th 2022

As a Django developer with over two years of coding experience, I have seen and gotten a lot of messages from beginners asking me what is the right way of creating a Django project, After giving numerous answers I have decided to write a single blog post where I can reference beginners whenever I get such question, as you read further I will break down the process into multiple steps.

Creating A Virtual Environment

A lot of beginners don’t know what a virtual environment is so I will give you a short description of what a virtual environment is.

Steps For Creating Your First Virtual Environment

  • Create Your Project Folder
c: mkdir project
c: cd project
  • Create And Activate Virtual Environment
c:\project: python -m venv env

c:\project: env/scripts/activate  

c:\project: env\scripts\activate 
(env) c:\project:

Creating Your Django Project

  • Install Django in your activated environment
(env) c:\project: pip install django
  • Create your Django project
#take note of that period 
(env) c:\project: django-admin startproject Todo .  

After the successful running of this command, you would notice some files in your folder those are the project files

  • Create and register your app
(env) c:\project: py manage.py startapp appname

After creating your app make sure you register it in the settings.py

  • Start your Django server
(env) c:\project: py manage.py runserver

after starting your server the below image is what you get in your browser


Securing Your Django Project

A lot of important secret data has been leaked online due to the expos of secret keys and other important credentials, we would go further by securing our Django project with Onboardbase  to avoid our project’s secret keys from being exposed online.

Why Onboardbase 🤔 ?

Onboardbase allows you to focus on actually building, coding, and shipping amazing products while it handles security for you. it does this by managing app secrets and credentials securely.

Here is how you can secure your Django project with Onboardbase

Creating a Django project necessitates a blend of technical expertise and experience, which can be sourced from various quarters. One viable option is hiring freelancers from platforms like Upwork or Freelancer, who offer a flexible and cost-effective solution. Alternatively, engaging with a dedicated software development agency ensures a more structured and holistic approach to your project. Among such agencies, Webisoft stands out as a reputable choice, especially known for its proficient team adept in Django, Python, and JavaScript, ensuring your project is steered towards success from inception to completion.

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