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Onboardbase vs HashiCorp Vault - The quest for secret management

Onboardbase vs HashiCorp Vault - The quest for secret management

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Written by Mahmoud Galal
Sunday, October 22nd 2023

As developers, managing data and information is a crucial aspect of our work. While ensuring the security of our systems is a top priority, we often overlook the importance of collaboration when it comes to sharing system secrets. Protecting this information is vital, and choosing the right tool is a significant decision.

Onboardbase and HashiCorp Vault offer robust secrets management solutions, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. This comparison aims to help you decide which tool aligns best with your needs and priorities. Ultimately, your choice will depend on the specific requirements of your projects and your team and your focus on collaboration, security, and other vital factors. ​

Onboardbase vs HCP Vault: Overview

​ When deciding between Onboardbase and HashiCorp Vault, the choice should be based on your specific needs and priorities: ​

  1. Onboardbase:

    • Offers user-friendly and enterprise solutions, catering to a wide range of users.
    • Focuses on the entire development cycle, from development to production, with a strong emphasis on security and secret management.
    • Provides deep integration with various services across cloud providers, such as Vercel, AWS, GitLab CI/CD, Firebase, Circle CI, Supabase, GitHub Actions, Jenkins, Railway, and more.
    • Offers a self-hosted solution for enterprises with a higher emphasis on security.
    • Manages secrets within your development cycle, making it convenient for developers.
  2. HashiCorp Vault:

    • Primarily an enterprise-focused solution with a focus on the deployment cycle.
    • Integrations are deeply geared toward deployment tools and cloud providers.
    • May have a steeper learning curve and is more complex to start with.
    • Ideal for organizations that with a large engineering team to dedicate to implementation. ​

So, if you prioritize a user-friendly, versatile solution that covers the entire development cycle and offers seamless integration with a wide range of services, Onboardbase is a strong choice. On the other hand, if your primary focus is on enterprise-grade complex deployment needs, and you’re willing to invest the time to learn the system, HashiCorp Vault could be the better option for your specific requirements for now. ​ ​

Onboardbase vs HCP Vault: Core features

​ At Onboardbase, our team is dedicated to addressing the entire software development cycle, strongly focusing on security, collaboration, and enhancing the developer experience. We cater to individual developers and enterprises, ensuring our solution is versatile and accessible to a broad range of users. ​

While there are some similarities between Onboardbase and HashiCorp, such as versioning, access controls, permissions, IP management, and logging, there are also significant differences in how each solution approaches structuring secrets, storing secrets, and dealing with API limits. These distinctions reflect our commitment to providing a well-rounded and user-friendly experience for developers and organizations of all sizes. ​

Onboardbase comparison

Onboardbase vs HCP Vault: Supported integrations

​ We understand that integrations are crucial for an enhanced developer experience, and we prioritize making your development process as smooth as possible. It’s worth noting that while Hashicorp Vault may have an extensive list of integrations, a significant portion of them is designed for their other tools, like Terraform. Only a small subset of these integrations applies directly to their Vault implementation, which may limit the versatility and utility of these integrations for your specific needs. ​

IntegrationHashiCorp VaultOnboardbaseIntegrationHashiCorp VaultOnboardbase
Circle CIAzure
GithubDocker Compose
JenkinsCloudflare Workers
VercelTravis CI

Addon and plugin integration

​ To simplify the developer experience, we recognize the significance of seamless integration with popular tools and platforms. That’s why we offer a VSCode extension. In comparison, HCP Vault also prioritizes a versatile developer experience by providing compatibility with a VSCode extension. ​

HCP Vault strongly emphasizes addon and plugin integration, ensuring it works seamlessly with tools like GitHub and provides a VSCode extension for managing secrets within developers’ preferred settings. This commitment to integration enhances the developer workflow and flexibility, making managing secrets and other critical elements in the development process more manageable. ​

Onboardbase vs HCP Vault: Deployment options

​ Thanks to their open-source nature, Onboardbase and Hashicorp Vault share commonalities in their deployment options. As SaaS platforms, they provide official libraries and support from community-led initiatives for various programming languages. Notably, Hashicorp Vault excels with its Powershell implementation, while we at Onboardbase focus on catering to Docker. ​

The high level of interoperability between both tools guarantees a seamless experience across different programming languages. This flexibility is a testament to their versatility and adaptability in diverse development environments. ​

Onboardbase vs HCP Vault: Pricing and support

​ Regarding Pricing and support, it’s essential to recognize the notable distinctions between Onboardbase and Hashicorp Vault. Both tools have unique pricing strategies, and while neither is inherently superior, they are tailored to meet specific use cases. ​

Onboardbase comparison

Pick your suits

​ We’ve compared Onboardbase and Hashicorp Vault to help you decide on your environment variable management needs. If you’re looking for a straightforward and user-friendly solution for your development team, Onboardbase is the ideal choice. It’s designed to make managing environment variables easy and efficient. ​

On the other hand, if you’re an experienced developer and need to integrate with various cloud providers, especially those beyond the common ones, Hashicorp Vault is an option. However, it’s worth noting that Hashicorp Vault comes with a per-hour pricing model and a less intuitive interface. ​

In conclusion, if you prioritize ease of use and a seamless experience, Onboardbase is your better option. Your specific needs should guide your final decision, and Onboardbase is tailored to make your development process smoother.

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