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Say hello to Onboardbase

Say hello to Onboardbase

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Written by Dante Lex
Friday, February 18th 2022

Hey there 👋🏽, I’m dante, and I’m the founder of Onboardbase. I’m a product designer and software engineer. Sometime late last year, I noticed that something I did when I joined or led teams was a huge issue and security risk.

Have you ever texted someone a password or sent sensitive information through email or slack? The truth is, we’ve all done it and developers do it even more - leading to hacks, data breaches and more.

So why does it still happen?

The problem

It’s because there is no single source of truth for shared app secrets. Nearly 50% of data breaches come from insecure sharing. Many engineering teams have experienced a data breach or a delay due to poorly shared app secrets.

Why now

And it’s never been a bigger problem. Dev teams are working remotely - with more to share than ever before.

86% of full-time engineers work remotely, 80% want to continue working remotely.

Teams hire contract developers and junior devs more frequently and need a secure place to collaborate.

The average startup uses 100+ different tools, including cloud providers and apps - all with their own set of app secrets.

Our solution

This is why i started building Onboardbase, a collaborative and secure workspace for dev teams to securely share and work without compromising security.

Dev teams have had enough of dealing with security breaches in their workflow. And with Onboardbase, you enjoy developing and working with your team without the headache of a security risk. With a significant focus on top-notch UI and interactions, we genuinely care about security, experience, performance, and ease of use.

Our goal

As we continue to build, our ecosystem will become home and the answer to dev teams’ questions. We envision Onboardbase as where software development starts and continues while improving developers’ working experience through secured and centralized project assets across every stage of development.

We’re saying welcome to a new dispensation of unique dev tools for dev teams - the answer to dev team questions.

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